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Elegant Exposure Photography by Rachael, Victor Allen's Coffee, Beans and Books Coffeehouse, Cafe, Restaurant, Shawano, WI, Coffee Shop, Custom Coffee Mug, Fireplace

My Name is Karen Benishek, and I am the owner of Beans and Books Coffee House.  I would like to extend a warm welcome to all coffee lovers!!


Beans & Books has always been locally owned and operated since it was established in 2004 by Mark and Sheri Schultz.   In June, 2016, my husband Jim and I purchased Beans & Books from Mark and Sheri.  We have been married for over 30 years and are long-time residents of Shawano.   As a couple, Jim and I have always enjoyed a challenge, having bought and refurbished several homes and a laundry mat, built a log home from scratch, and have seven children!  Jim's expertise is in building maintenance, which he has done mostly in a nursing home environment.  I have worked in a variety of administrative positions, but have focused the bulk of my energy on raising our kids, which is no small task!  


My love of coffee shops began about 20 years ago when my sister bought a run-down old house and turned it into an inviting coffee shop and boutique.  Over the years we have enjoyed visiting shops of every variety and size whenever we had the time.   When we received the opportunity to purchase Beans and Books, we jumped at the chance to own one of our own.

I love seeing friends come into the coffeehouse to meet, eat and drink together--talk and laugh together.  I also enjoy seeing people of all ages come in to grab a coffee or tea and sit quietly reading a book, studying, or writing letters.  I am so blessed to be able to offer a place where these things can happen!  Our goal is to give our best service, food and coffee to our customers in a welcoming environment.  We look forward to meeting YOU!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.


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